Thursday, January 20, 2011


Sure it isn't a very inventive title, but it is the single most expensive thing outside of a car and a home that I own....and only half of it is truly mine.  I got this Hot Liquor Tank via UPS today.  The tank is nice, and I am glad to have it, but truthfully, I feel a little guilty as I believe this kettle was made outside of the United States.  This explains its lower cost, and the Chinese writing on the handle of the valve.  Still, I can't wait to fire this puppy up (literally).  I am mad at UPS, however.  UPS does not allow you to "schedule" a delivery, and in this case, they couldn't leave it, leaving me no choice but to go pick it up.  Also, if you ever call their customer service..... you are calling f-ing India.

Getting my new brewing toy hasn't put me in a good enough mood to not bitch about everything, however.  I am in a foul mood with various things.  Let me air my grievences.

1. I stopped into a chain Irish Pub for a beer the other day.  It was during one of the playoff games and it was packed.  I ordered a Dale's Pale ALE.  The bartender brought it to me in a girly Sam Adams glass.  At first I figured that she might have been out of glasses, then I noticed that even all the women drinking beer had nice American Pints (tumblers) or British Pint glasses.  Needless to say, I sent it back and then walked out when the bartender made a face at me.  I would guess she is not a Cicerone.  DON'T SERVE AN ALE IN A GIRL GLASS.  I will not accept a flute, a pilsner glass, and definately not a girly Sam glass for an Ale.  I barely tolerate a Sam Adams in the Sam Glass.

2. I was trying to get my hands on a 5 gallon keg of craft beer to christen my keggerator.  No dice.  Brekenridge Brewery didn't have anything I wanted in 5 gallon kegs.  I almost bought 5 of their Avalance just to have something....but I just had my heart set on their Ballpark Brown Ale.  This just makes me sad.

3. I bought all of the specialty grain for our Oktoberfest from the LHBS.  It was my fault, but I broke the bag in the front seat of my car....and malted barley went everywhere....luckily, mostly on the floor of the passenger seat, which is the cleanest spot in the car.  I was able to salvage most of it.

Well, life could be worse.  I hope the weather is nice for brewing on Saturday.  I need to keg some beer.

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