Saturday, January 22, 2011

Brewday Aborted!

Another thing I have never done is bail out on a brew day, that is, until today.  We had planned on a bottling run and brewing the Oktoberfest (ok call it a Marzen), but at 11:30am, with 5 gallons in my new keg and no bottles capped, we called it off.  Also, at 11:30am it was cold and windy, so the prospects of spending the next six hours outdoors wasn't sounding so much like fun.
Instead, we finished our brew kettle repairs/modifications and have an almost, nearly, totally, functional system.  I think we need some more silicone hose to operate the heat exchanger, (oh, and another pump would be nice).

So, no, we didn't use our $600 water boiling pot.  We never even lit the burners, but we should was chilly out in the garage while working on the kettles.

On the bright side, I kegged my first beer, and my impression is that it is a 20 minute endeavor...if I get the keggerator done correctly, I may never cap another bottle ever again....actually, that is not true.  I am certain that I will elect to bottle some special or aged beers.

Today, and lately, I have been wishing that I spent more time in high school in the industrial arts wing.  Yes, my high school had a whole area devoted to the trades.  I was down there for photography classes (a lot of good that does me).  I am wishing I took metal shop and welding, and woodwoorking....of course, I still have all of my fingers, and am not sure that would be the case if I did.  Why in the hell did I take 4 literature classes?

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