Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I got a fun comment on my blog dated 9/11....I am just getting around to it now in December.  The comment chastised me for rambling on about cans and glassware on my Vessels and Containers post in April 2013.

It is 5F at the beer garden.  

Imperial Stout saves the day.

I have been told by this poster that I should never drink directly from cans or bottles....but I never spoke about that....I don't prefer to drink beer from the container, but I do occasionally sip from cans and bottles.....and it doesn't bother me if others do.  I just don't tend to buy beer in cans, and that is for some unusual unreasonable prejudice that I can't identify.... Cans are better if you have concerns about quality or age.  Bottles are fun to hold in your hand and can be used as a weapon.

Likewise, glassware is a personal consumption preference, like shotgunning or keg stands (I don't tend to do those either).  If you enjoy unusual or proper glassware for each beer, and that increases your enjoyment....great.  If you just want a shaker style pint glass....by all means.  If you are drinking for enjoyment, each aspect of a great beer presented in the way that you enjoy it is the best way...but not the only way you may or might enjoy it.  

So, anonymous person who commented on my blog....thanks for reading it, and sharing your knowledge.  I think your opinions are right and valid.  I agree somewhat, but that wasn't what the post was about.  It was about me and my changing opinions about such things, and probably why it rambled more than you might have liked.  I have become more egalitarian about the issue, and a lot of issues about beer.  That is probably why I don't post as much anymore.

For everyone else, if you have comments, you are welcome to post them.  I don't get around to moderating as quick as I should, but I do like to have a dialog about beer.  I learn more that way.