Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Opps, I did it again!

My new best friend...sorry Dave, I invited Jim over to homebrew.
It has been since June since I last checked in on my blog....and it is never for a lack of things going on beer wise around here, but rather just the opposite.

I have just been too busy to brew, rebuild my keggerator, or help launch my brother's brewery....

With all the new brewery openings, winning gold medals for our Oktoberfest, the GABF, and the Pints for Prostates Rare Beer Tasting and all....it seems that I have fallen in with a rough crowd.
Dave and my buddy Jim drinking Sam Adams Utopia at Rare Beer V.
It is time to get back to brewing, trying to get it together for this weekend.  Dave and I have been fighting (via text) about what to brew.  I have been embarrassingly UN-accommodating.  I need to get over myself and just brew whatever....and brew it good.

I do have some other projects I need to get back to as well.  I need to build a collar for my keggerator so I can use all of my faucets.  And look into some new equipment as well.  This hobby is supposed to be fun, after all.

Gold.  I was sad they didn't put a plaque on the Maas this year, but it our first actual medal.
After the Great American Beer Festival, I was finally able to answer the age old question..."What's a day without beer?"  Answer:  The day after GABF and Denver Beer Week...I was/am a little burnt out on beer, whew!

Me playing firefighter at work.  I can't believe they paid me for this!