Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Got this from my brother today.  It is an article about the British Government introducing the Schooner, as a unit of measure for a beer.  The British Government already requires pubs to serve standard measures of beer in a pint or half pint.  I don't know if that unit of measure is really what I call an Imperial Pint (20 ounces) or a Standard Pint (16 Ounces).  I reckon a standard pint, because the that would make the half pint 8 ounces.  The new measurement is from Australia and is 2/3 of a pint (or a little over 10 1/2 ounces)....so what would be the point if the 1/2 imperial pint is 10 ounces?

I have never been to Britain, but the 1/2 pint is used in many places in California, and I like the smaller size, especially for sampling bigger beers.  Therefore, I am all in favor of a Schooner size as long as the glass isn't a girly pilsner flute.  If I find one to buy, I will have to "try" it out.  Otherwise, a half pint is cool with me.

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