Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Stout Month

February was Stout Month at the Vine Street Pub/Mountain Sun/Southern Sun Breweries, and it took me until the very end of the month to find my way there with a wad of cash (they don't accept credit cards) to blow on Stout.  The Vine Street is the closest future brewery to my house.  It eventually will be the main brewery for the Mountain Sun chain (out of Boulder, CO) which also includes the Southern Sun (in South Boulder).  The brewery part of Vine Street has been seemingly under construction for years.  I think that they must be paying cash (a theme with them) and constructing as they go.  I always look in the window in back, and I am almost certain nothing has moved in the three or four months I have been away.

Anyway, for Stout Month, Mountain Sun brews a number of their own Stouts and feature others from around the state (mostly).  I had more than a few, so forgive me (I wasn't driving), but my favorite was an Imperial Russian with the catchy name of Nihilist from Mountain Sun.  I also had to try a mint/chocolate flavored stout aptly named Girl Scout Stout...this one was the 2010 winner of the Stout Month homebrewers competition.  It was all about the mint, no doubt, but I couldn't say it was one that I would return to.

Ironically, my favorite types of Stouts are the sweet or milk stouts (or sometimes referred to as English stout).  But I didn't drink a one during this session.

Every year, I swear I will go back earlier and often during Stout Month, but sadly, I almost never carry cash.

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