Monday, April 5, 2010

Summer? Already?

Over the Easter meal I made plans with my brother to bottle the Scottish Ale we brewed a week ago, and start our summer brewing schedule.  It is barely spring, but it is nice to have the chance to brew as often as we are.  My brother is pushing to brew again as he has a busy month of May ahead and wants to get the wheat into bottles before May hits.

So, I am on the prowl for information about wheat beers.  I have an excellent wheat beer recipe, and should be happy to brew it.  We refer to the good wheat beer as W1 (Wheat 1) after the label we put on the cap.  This beer is the beer that all of my non-craft and light beer friends love the most.  My father, not a beer guy, answered my question "How do you like the beer", "I LOVE IT!"...he has not been as demonstrative with my children.  Of course, it was a hot day, and a cold beer (any light variety) would have gone down good at that moment.

In fact, I have had only one detractor.  They hated it.  They were a couple of self described big beer fans, and had I known this before-hand, I wouldn't have subjected them to it....they admitted to me afterwards that they didn't like wheat beers.  Now why in the world would you bother trying it if you know you don't like the style?  So, that was a mis-fire.  

My wheat had only one secret ingredient.  I wanted it to not be banana or clove tasting (like Bavarian or American Wheats), and I definitely didn't want it to be sour like a Berliner.  Wheat beer, being so light, is subject to flavors from the yeast, so I surmised.  So, to make it more un-wheat like, but crisp and of the Germanic Tradition (and appealing to many) I used a Kolsch yeast.  It was very successful, but I am wanting to go a little more traditional this time.  I think I will do a Belgian Wit (white).  I have a few twists that I am thinking about, so we shall see.  I have 4 days to figure it out.

What should I add to this beer?

Oh, and I also made a loose plan with my nephew to do a Watermelon Wheat.....I told him of the Watermelon Wheat beer I had at the 21st Amendment Brewery in San Francisco.  I think I will use the Kolsch yeast for that one, but it will be lighter than our original.  Maybe we will send him off to college with that one later this summer.  I have never done fruit in beer before (strange, huh?)

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