Tuesday, April 6, 2010

$3 For an Experiment

I stopped into my local chain "Irish" Pub after work today.  It is one of those chains that operates multiple pubs under different names, but they are otherwise indistinguishable from one another.  It would be like going to a restaurant called McAllister's and ordering a Big Mac.  A chain feigning as a local joint.  Their happy hour prices are comparable to the locals, and kids eat free on Sundays (which I like).  It isn't like I am shopping at Walmart, but I try not to come here as often as I go local.  The bartenders are nice, but relatively clueless, but they have not yet resorted to wearing "flair".  It is semi-Bennigan's.  Other locations (like the one nearest my former employer) hire exclusively hot chicks as waitresses....the one near my house doesn't so discriminate.....I can't decide if this is a plus or a minus.

Anyway, they are having a promotion for Sam Adam's 25th Anniversary, $3 pints of Boston Lager (which I like, some), but the big deal is that you keep the glass.  This is the "special" glass required to be used by Pubs serving Sam Adams.  The glass I have been considering stealing for my evil purposes (you can read about my opinion of glassware here).  I have procured two glasses, and when I get together with my brother to brew this weekend, I am going to pour a few of our beers into this glass and a straight sided pint glass for comparison.  My hypothesis is that the glass makes no difference.  I might even get me a Sam Adam's to run this test.

More later.....

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