Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More of Trying New Things

I have decided for some time that I possessed too much beer for me to drink myself.  It used to be that I would brew 3 or 4 times a year, and that amount was perfect to keep me well stocked with beer for myself.  I am not a big socialite, don't have too many friends, and we usually go out for a beer when we get together, so I needed to find new ways to get rid of beer.  I have opted to send beer to a few friends across the country, but this is proving to be expensive.  It costs me 50 cents a bottle to make beer, but approximately $6 a bottle to ship it half way across the country.  With my limited resources, it isn't a great way to dispense of beer.  I should be putting my money into new equipment, instead.  Still, I get a lot of pleasure out of this sort of sharing, and intend to send more.

What I am looking for is new ways to share my beer with people....that is, short of actually going pro.

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