Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More on the National Homebrew Competition

The American Homebrew Association (AHA) forum has been all abuzz about the issues regarding the registration for the National Homebrew Competition.  For those of you who are unaffilliated, the AHA yearly holds a two round national competition that is limited to approximately 8,200 beers.  Their limit this year is 15 beers per participant.  Unfortunately, from prior events and year's past, all homebrewers concerned with getting into the competition know that it will sell out, and almost everybody and their brother (not mine) logged into the system at 1pm Mountain to register.

Some got in, most did not.  I am one of the disappointed many.  I had intended to enter 3 beers, but as luck would have it, I also found out that our windowell Oktoberfest beer did not ferment (it stuck at 1.058).  So, at best we would have put in two beers between my brother and I.

Just as well.  While my brother is looking to get the ferment going at a more reasonable inside/basement temperature with a fresh pitch of yeast, I am starting to think about brewing again.

And besides, I now have room in my kegerator.

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