Monday, September 5, 2011

summer is over

For the last couple months, I have been doing anything to avoid writing on this blog, and I mean anything.  I just got back from a family camping trip (tents, sleeping bags, campfire, shitting in the woods, etc.) for this Labor Day weekend, I have totally cleaned up everything, did my regular weekend chores, and I am facing a whole new year.  In case you were wondering, I am not on some obscure calendar or anything, but since I live in Denver, I consider the beer calendar to start with Denver Beer Week and the Great American Beer Festival.

This summer has been great.  I have sampled a gazillion beers, visited a few new breweries and some old favorites, and have had some surprising events, and brewed some new beers.  I am hoping that my creativity returns long enough to tell all the stories from the summer, but in actuality, I am looking forward.  

I have a lot of stories to tell, but I really need some feedback.  I know I have a limited readership, and I write mostly for my own pleasure, but I would like to know more about the beer adventures of this readership.  Where should I take this blog?  If you'd like to guest on this blog, (my brother has done this), I welcome content on what you are doing, what you are drinking, and what you are thinking.  So, if you want me to keep writing, make it interesting for both of us so I can take inspiration from you, you can take some inspiration from me, and we can continue this journey together.  Let's get away from my monologue and get down to collaboration.

Since I have a summer of fun to report on, I do have some content to add, but I want to know more about what is happening between your ears and less of what is happening between mine.  I have new adventures scheduled around the GABF, and want to attend the national conference of the American Homebrew Association (how do I sell this to my wife?).

So, drop me a line, and tell me what you want to hear.


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