Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Runner Up

I am pleased to announce that our Oktoberfest will evermore be known as "Our Award Winning Oktoberfest."  I entered a competition at a small local brewery, The Copper Kettle.  We came in as one of two runners up.  We didn't win, but we were in the top three and our beer was considered for the Best of Show.  The brewery owner's called it a "Killer".

Actually, I didn't expect to win.  Although the beer was very good, it was 8 months old, and I felt it was showing its age.  The testament to the quality and craftmanship of this beer is that perhaps it would have won outright if I could have found an easy competition to enter last May.

Since there were two runners up (and they didn't give me any feedback), at best we were narrowly edged out of the Best in Show in a field of 20 or more entries (it is a small competition).  At worst, we were third of 5 or 10.  Still, we have rarely entered and never placed before, so, I will take it.

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