Sunday, September 11, 2011

$600 worth of Stainless.

I just received two shipments from St. Pats of Texas and Stout Tanks of various stainless steel parts.  Stainless sanitary tri-clamp parts are not cheap.  $600 got us 90% of what we need to standardize our fittings (using 2" tri-clamp parts).  After I ordered (thinking I was buying a few extras) I devised a way to set up the brewery so that we don't have to change hoses out....of course, I need two (at least) extra tees ($27 plus shipping at St. Pats).

My brewery is starting to look like a professional brewery...with any hope, we will brew like one.

Beer update: I have the IPA in the can (who doesn't like it in the can), but have resisted the urge to try it (it probably isn't done carbonating yet), the Wit continues to work its way down to final gravity, and I have finally emptied my commercial keg of Oak Aged Yeti from Great Divide.  I get to return the keg today for $50, which helps pay for my half of the stainless.

My time in the mountains last week was good for me despite the cold I have and the sinus infection my wife got.  I know it is hard to stomach, but my life can't be all beer.

Lastly, I have packaged our last bottles of Oktoberfest for a local brewery's homebrew competition.  I am six months late in doing this, and the beer probably tastes like crap now.  I expect the feedback to be that it is oxidized or some other age related problem....but I will keep you posted.  I am entering this beer without knowing what it tastes like myself.  This is kind of strange.  I am hoping that I can get some constructive criticism outside of the age of the beer....because like all of us, it was awesome when it was in its prime.  I will keep you posted.

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