Monday, July 25, 2011

what's on tap

Keeping busy around the family brewery....I thought I would give a run down on what's on tap these days.

The all grain summer blonde keg kicked a few days ago, which along with loaning my Oak Aged Yeti keg to my brother for a while freed up space in the kegerator for our latest creations.  Along with our American Wheat and about 1 gallon of our awesome window well Oktoberfest we have two new beers on tap.

This year we went back to traditions forgoing our usual American Red for an Irish variant using the Guinness yeast and roasted barley.  Being summer, we elected to make it more of a session beer at 4.3% ABV and 23 IBU of the finest English hops.  It is roasty, deep ruby red, with a white tan head.  This sucker was done fermenting in three days and in the keg in 5, and clear in 7.  Needless to say, it is still changing with age.

The other beer on tap is a historical recipe.  It is a Mild Ale from the late 19th/early 20th century.  Back then, Mild referred to a young beer (not aged like an old ale) and not necessarily to a light brown or black session ale you would find today.  This one clocks in at 4.5% ABV and 68 IBUs, using the Wyeast London Ale III (Boddington's) yeast.  This one is murky orangy brown, smoky/tobacco flavored (from the hops), it hasn't cleared yet, but my higher hopped beers usually take a month or more to finally clear.  I love this beer, but I don't think it would be popular with most beer fans.  Even the hop rate isn't very bitter for 68 IBUs.  Again, it is very malt forward, but so very different from the Irish.  If it clears nicely, I would be proud to serve it.

Although the kegerator is full up, my Oktoberfest (and wheat) will kick soon, and I have two existing empty kegs.  What is next?  It being still summer, trying a re-brew of the blonde would be quick, or perhaps our well received Belgian Wit or another departure with a Steam Beer(TM) (ahem, I mean, California Common) might be in order.  I wish I liked Saison/Farmhouse Ales...but alas, I have not yet acquired the taste for them.  I would love to hear what you all think we should brew....

Also, although I think we have dialed in our brew day/process/set up, I think it is time to pack it up after this one and transfer the brewery back to Colorado Springs.  It will be nice to have the space back in the beer cellar...for beer instead of equipment.

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