Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Trappist Ale

I have a 750 ml Chimay Red Label in my fridge....this may not mean much to you, but it is killing me not to open it....The beer itself isn't rare (now, at least), the problem is that I can't drink 750 ml (well, I could, but shouldn't if I know what is good for me) of Belgian dubbel.  I guess I am waiting for someone to pop by that would enjoy it as an excuse for myself.

Chimay is one of the seven brewing Trappist Monasteries in Europe (six in Belgium, one in the Netherlands), and standing there in the bottle shop, I realized I had never had Chimay (although I have become a dubbel fan).  Chimay only brews three beers (I respect that, too) characterized by their label color.  Red is their dubbel, yellow is their Trippel, and Blue is their Grand Reserve (Grand Cru or stronger dubbel).  I think they used to put the Trippel in a white label....not sure.

The monks brew to raise money for their monastery....how's that for a fundraiser?  What if Girl Scouts did the same?

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