Sunday, June 12, 2011

neither here nor there

I have been tinkering with my keggerator since I replaced my gas.  I have learned some valuable and one expensive lesson.

I spilled all but 1 gallon of my prized oktoberfest into the bottom of my freezer.....but drank every last drop of my not so good brown ale.  If that isn't the definition of ironic.....I don't know what is.  The real lesson is, to tighten all of your fittings, and check the inside of your keggerator often.  It might be worth putting a moisture sensor in the bottom for a fail safe....but for now, I will tighten and double check.

I have tapped into my summer beers...(wheat and blonde), and have decided that they are too similar to serve at the same time.  I actually prefer the blonde, which is simpler and cheaper to brew.  I could abandon the wheat for awhile....maybe altogether.

I have a wicked chill haze problem with the blonde.  A chill haze is a haze that is more pronounced (or only evident) when the beer is cold.  It clears as it warms.  It degrades the enjoyment of the beer somewhat, as you drink with your eyes....I was having the same problem (with haze) on our West Coast Red ale...I surmised at the time that it was from the hops, but I am not sure if it is something in our process (perhaps coupled with our yeast).  The Oktoberfest cleared after about 3 weeks.....I still have hope for the blonde, but need to do more research.

Next beer looks like something a little different....I have my eye on a couple of historical from the 1800's one from the revolutionary war (except that I will use hops).  More about these later.

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