Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gassed out

When I pour a beer from my keggerator, I always check the pressure on the gauges.....and the other day, found my 20 pound tank (that should last for dispensing 20 5 gallon kegs of beer) was nearly empty.  Damn!  A leak.  The likely suspect is my new keg of Naked Blonde.  I just bought the keg, and was having pressure issues, but pressed them into service anyway when my brother bought his keggerator. I think about it, it might really be something else...a truly insideously slow leak on my Sanke (Commercial) keg system.

I didn't think too much about it at the time, but a few weeks ago, I noticed that beer in the commercial keg's beer line would retract or drain back into the keg when unused for a few days.  I thought it strange, but didn't think anything about it.  Now, I am thinking that the only way for it to drain is if the pressure drops in the keg.  Interestingly, the beer never was flat, but with a truly slow leak you would never have flat beer, but merely flattening beer.

But, it still could be the new keg.  Unless I leave the kegs unattended (as in stop drinking from them), and something does go flat, I will not know.  The other solution, of course is to buy more gas and experiment at high pressures to see if I can find the leak.....more to follow.

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