Monday, May 16, 2011

fully converted

For the last few weeks, I have been feeding my brother craigslist advertisements of decent keggerators that might be acceptable in his den.  He got a slightly beat up professional one for $400 (which retails new for $1,300).  I also picked up 4 more kegs on craiglist for $120, but unlike the previous two, they were not beer ready.  I spent the week rehabbing them to get them in shape.  I had two ready to go (for me) when my brother informed me of his I gave him the good ones (I hope) and rigged the other two to hold pressure (I hope).  Summer beers are in the cans (don't you love it in the can?) and now the weather can't get above 50 degrees.

I do hope my brother will send me pictures of his new "toy" once he has it up and running.  We should all take a pool to see when he will have it ready.  He still needs to buy hoses and fittings in addition to giving it a thorough cleaning, but he has two kegs full of beer and the summer is looming (not much, but it is) he does have incentive.  Perhaps July 1?

So, we have fully converted to kegs....I figure we will bottle our christmas beers or other ones that would benefit from age.....but I don't relish the thought of it.


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