Monday, February 21, 2011

Un-Bitter Disappointment

I am utterly disappointed in our wheat beer.  I am sitting here drinking it, and thinking that I would rather have almost anything else, certainly anything that I have brewed (save the watermelon, and maybe even that).  I am not entirely convinced that the only thing wrong with it is that we missed on the gravity (too low).  It also may be that my personal tastes have left this beer behind in the same way that I avoid American Pilsners in all but the hottest weather.

I am also discouraged on the various flaws of our last three maybe four beers.  The wheat is what it is, the Porter has aged well, and tastes nice, but doesn't have the nice head (and isn't as good) as last year's Porter, the West Coast was hazy (too hazy) and finished way too high of gravity for my expectations....not that it didn't taste good, it just wasn't pretty and it wasn't perfect.  The Brown according to my brother's memory, wasn't as good as before either.

Now, if you know me, I am far from a perfectionist....but I feel like our last batch should have been better than the one before....but after all the changes and so called "improvements" to the brewery, I can't say that.  It isn't better, the brewday hasn't been easier....nothing.  I am feeling that I am a crappy brewer....oh, and my friends are only being nice....insult to injury.

I really need to start focusing on the brown ale.  I need a good beer (I will settle on good, rather than great), and an easy brew day....and it won't hurt that it is a malty beer either.  I have learned this much about myself, though, I love my malty beers, not a fan of Hefe's, and can have a hop bomb once in a while.  Oh, and I love to brew the beer I drink.

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