Saturday, May 29, 2010

Friends and Family

My mother said, "I never liked beer...Never.  I never even take a sip of your Dad's.  I don't like it."  This was after a few days of feeding her our beer.  She drank our Scottish Ale (asked for more), Wit (loves it with an Orange), Oktoberfest, and Holiday Ale.  She especially loves the holiday ale in a wine glass (the closest thing I have to a curvy foo foo glass for big beers).  I may run out of it here during her visit.

I have been wondering if this love of craft beer is newly finding that beer doesn't have to be bland, light, and fizzy, or just an extreme love of a mother for the product produced by her sons.  If she ever buys herself craft beer at the store, I will be convinced of the former, but until then, I will believe the latter.

I also shared my current stock of beer with a good friend.  I think he enjoyed them as well, but was more subdued about the praise.  I can accept that.

Lastly, I bought some more homebrewing equipment from a person on craigslist.  I got a converted keg (hot liquor tank), a March Pump, two stainless steel valves, some other connectors and a hoses all for $200.  It was probably a $340 or $350 value if you included tax and/or shipping.  The guy even delivered it (from Longmont).  So, I even got free shipping.  He brought his roommate, who is a brewer at Oskar Blues Brewery.  They were much younger than I (perhaps in their twenties).  I had them show me how the pump worked, and fed the two the Wit.  (it was 95 degrees yesterday).  It was nice to share some beer with some fellow brewers and talk shop.  They both were very complimentary of our Belgian Wit (tastes way way better than Blue Moon, among other compliments).  This also makes me feel good.  

I do mostly enjoy the beers that I make (after all I make them to suit my tastes), but I am overly critical of the beers and my ability to craft them.  I like the validation of people wanting to try my beer, and after trying them, wanting to have another.  The proof is in their return for more beer.

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