Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Re: Learning to Like Pilsener

After discovering craft beer 20 years ago, I have often said that I am not much of a lager person.  After discovering American Craft Beers (mostly ales), and then exploring the English style ales, I have been describing myself as a "Malt Guy".  It has taken a full decade to learn about first Belgian styles and then turn my attention back to lagers.  I am still not much of a lager guy, but I do love my malty Oktoberfests, Bocks, and Helles.

German Pilsner has been ruined by my formative years drinking American Style Pilseners (or light lagers as described by the Beer Judge Certification Program).  When I look at a Pilsener, my mind thinks of the watered down American I have a rude shock to taste a more aggressive hop profile and that sulfury lager yeast taste/aroma.

I have had to teach myself to like them again....I used to like the mass produced German varieties (think Becks, or Heinekin) as a precursor to craft beer.  Now that local breweries are making them, I am finding that they are a nice alternative on a beautiful spring day.  They certainly are easy drinking, and very beautiful in a nice Pilsner Glass.

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