Monday, April 22, 2013

Filling in the Map

Over the weekend, I had the chance to speak to a gentleman that was opening up a brewery in my neighborhood.  He is occupying an old Denver Fire Department location on 38th Avenue a few blocks west of Quebec in the Park Hill Neighborhood.

I have always coveted this building, as fire houses are cool, and breweries installed in old fire houses are even cooler.....unfortunately, they won't be making use of the copius amounts of vertical space (or the fire pole) in this location.

This article appeared this week regarding a brewery to open in old Aurora with plenty of incentives.

These two sites were two of my three targeted areas for my own brewery (back when I had no job, and was seriously considering it) in early 2010.  These two sites fill out a large gap in the map of Denver Breweries that just happened to be close to my house.

I will look forward to trying them out.  And will watch their progress with a high amount of interest.

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