Tuesday, July 13, 2010


It isn't that it is bad.  It is okay.  Watermelon beer with the sugar fermented out tastes like eating the rind.  It definitely has the flavor of watermelon, but the beer itself is okay or worse.  I would rather have had another batch of our all grain blonde, however, and even that beer is just okay.

I have a knack for the dark malty ales, and my taste for them are on the upswing.....I can't yet feel fall in the air, but my mind is already there.

My brother has asked to brew a brown next.....a style that I have brewed many great examples, but none that satisfied me.  It is my white whale.  My first non-kit extract beer in 1993 was a brown ale that was excellent.  I lost the recipe, and although I remember the basics, I have searched the seven seas, and never have seen that fish again.

Still, I outfit my boat and head to the open water.....

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