Saturday, July 17, 2010

A friend of mine told me, "Sometimes when you make something, you are more critical of it."

He liked my Watermelon Wheat creation (or what I call Whatermelon).  He can have it, for all my concern.  The fact is, I try to evaluate our beer in as unbiased a fashion as I can.  I don't know if it is entirely possible.

My watermelon beer is not undrinkable, and would be nicer with a slice of watermelon garnish, but it isn't as sweet as I would have hoped.  It has improved over the last week as well.  The taste is a little less of rind, and the head has presented itself to a minor degree.

What can I say?  It was an experiment.  One that did not increase my enjoyment of the beer, and I can't say this beer is in any way ready for public consumption or is marketable in any way.  And there are worse beers being sold.

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