Thursday, June 10, 2010

It is Alive!

I have been furiously working on projects, buying miscellaneous parts and tools and tinkering in preparation of our brewing this weekend....what I haven't been doing is buying ingredients or worrying too much about the recipe.  It will be a simple all grain summer beer.

I am happy to report, though, that while my brewery is still in disarray, my fermentation chamber is complete.  I installed the digital controller into the front of the lid of my chest freezer (despite my dad's warning).  It seems like all is working.  It is 12:30am, so please forgive me that I don't have pictures.

Unfortunately, I need an extra keg to ferment in the chamber with.....finding a legal/decommissioned 1/2 barrel keg for brewing purposes is remarkably difficult.  I don't want to obtain a keg via deposit, as that hurts the brewery.  A keg costs over $100 new, but a deposit on one is only $35 (when you buy the beer in one).

It is hard to not purchase the empty keg via deposit....but I don't want the bad karma....but I need a keg.  The need for a brewing vessel might force the issue.

Another cool thing is using air powered tools to cut metal......super awesome fun.  Oh, and my youngest daughter (3 years) wrote her name for the first time today....and I stained my mother in law's deck and weeded her yard today.

I rock.

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