Thursday, July 30, 2009

Obama Beer Summit

July 30, 2009

So President Obama finally got together with the Harvard Professor and the Cambridge Cop. Beer makers and enthusiasts have been wondering who's beer would be chosen. The verdict: Bud Light, Red Stripe, and Blue Moon. It is disappointing that no real craft beers were chosen. It is unclear if any political statements were made as a result of their respective beer choices. I won't speculate.

It makes me wonder what beers are available at the White House. Obviously, whatever the current occupant wants and a number of other choices. At any rate, I would love to know, and will report if I am ever invited over to the White House for a beer.

Jim Koch, founder of the Boston Beer Company and maker of Sam Adams Boston Lager said on NPR that he would have brewed something special for the occasion, a blend of ingredients from around the world to represent the participants. This leads to the question, what would you serve or brew for the occasion?

My wife suggested Black and Tans.....which I thought was appropriate if just discussing color and indicating a separation. But, really, my thought would be to make a Porter out of American ingredients. The Porter style, is an English Ale that was favored by porters and other working class people after a hard days work. It is a beer of the common man. The Porter style also replaced the pub's practice of blending different ales. So, getting past blending beers, it is the different ingredients that are brewed together that create the beer. Integration at the inception, not at the result. That is what I would brew.

What would you brew?

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