Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Great Divide Brewery

July 29, 2009

I stopped into the Great Divide for a beer. They had their Dunkelweiss on tap, which was a seasonal a couple of months ago, so I asked for one and told them it wasn't right. What it ended up being, was a super sour ale....not the dunkel I got to try a while ago. The tap handle came off, and everyone working at the brewery came to sample it.

I like is like a super sour needs some raspberry syrup like a Framboise....but it is distinctive as is.....either their dunkel went bad, or they have something experimental that got right now, they have decided to call it "sour brown ale". Apparently, their wild yeast in the keg had time to mature....and this is the result. They cracked open a dunkelweiss bomber for comparison and you can taste a slight sour to this is amplified in the keg with age. Great Divide does not pasturize their beers (neither do I). At any rate, it was a happy accident I think.

I think they need to name it Gary weiss.....since I discovered it for them. The brewers like it....I like it....I discovered their mistake....can't I get some free shit?

Great Divide is my favorite brewery in Denver right combines excellent quality, with a friendly atmosphere and great tours.....check them out online or personally at:

Great Divide Brewing Co.
2201 Arapahoe, St.
Denver, CO 80205

If you go in there, tell Jennie (red hair, can't miss her, extremely smart looking...and it ain't just looks...she was wearing glasses this day...) that you think it should be named Garyweiss. A little ball of hate turned sour. I could use a job in brewing too.....plug me.


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