Monday, October 15, 2012

Another 5 months has slipped away

It isn't for lack of things to talk about, nor a lack of desire for this topic, but I can't believe that I have let this monolog slide for nearly 1/2 year.  I heard about it from my friends...the only real people (not robots) that read or check in to this blog.

My only real excuse is that I am too busy experiencing stuff to write about it, but the real truth is that since I my little tiny Dell Mini died, I have replaced with various mobile devices that are not condusive to writing.  I now have better access to information, but at the detriment of interaction on a more detailed level....I still can't think and express in less than 140 characters.

In the last few days while I have had a few thousand experiences, realized a few important things, and took some time out of my life to ponder meaning, ultimately it was the death of a friend of a friend (someone I didn't know, and may or may not have ever met) that has chased me back to this blog.

While I am sorting them all out you all will just have to wait a little more.  Meanwhile, have another beer.

I have some interesting here's my teaser, and let me know if there is something on your mind I can pontificate about in the meantime.  I need to get back to this on a semi regular basis.

gold metal winner (mine).
drinking the last sip of a beer....ever
me and the beer industry
does broadcasting ever make a comeback in my life?
2012 Great American Beer Festival (designated beer geek).

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