Monday, January 9, 2012

taking brewing injuries to another level.

My brother and I laughed about the injury he sustained early in the day (before I even arrived).  He cut his finger (as is normal with our stainless steel fittings), and then promptly and accidentally cauterized this open wound with a searing from our burner.  We thought we were done with injuries with this do and do over injury.

Not to be.  This afternoon I am nursing my injury over a Cuvee des Jacobins Rouge.  I could not go to work today from my brewing injury.  On cold nights, beware the ice on my brother's 45 degree driveway.  I was carrying a bucket of waste down to the street to dump, never even thinking that it might be cold enough for the water to freeze.....sprained ankle.  A serious one with swelling and black and blue contusions.  I could barely shift gears on my car to drive home....but I survived that, and the fact that my brother opened his garage door only large enough for him to walk, being 1/2 inch taller.....well, my balding scull has some scuff marks.  Thank goodness I was wearing a hat....or the garage would have scalped me.

Oh, I bought some nifty brewing can dip your hand in boiling water with no ill effects....dumb, I know.  Pictures need to come from my brother.

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