Friday, November 11, 2011

Brew Day revisited.

I just got back from a vacation.  We were supposed to brew the weekend before I left, but had too much to do, so we opted to brew last weekend instead.  We incorporated all of our new tri clamp fittings, and that part of the brewery is working as designed....that is to say, awesome.

We did have problems, however.  It started when assembling the brewery.  I removed an old valve from a kettle, and dropped one of our dial thermometers.  Crash! Crap!  No temperature on the out side of the kettle.  Then we mashed in too high....and only could tell our mash tun in we really don't know how high it was.

Then our boil kettle's dip tube fell apart.  This made our effort to drain our kettle to our fermenter impossible.  I need to figure out how to make these repairs to the system before our next brew day.

We brewed our Porter and a pumpkin ale recipe.  My brother talked me into trying the pumpkin, and I think I will be glad he did.

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