Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Have Been Lazy

I have been kind of lazy about writing lately, and I apologize.  A lot has been going on, but I haven't been able to bring myself to talk about it mostly because I have gainful employment and have been busy with other things.

For example.  I was silent about InBev purchasing Goose Island out of Chicago.  After time to reflect, if a big craft brewer wants to go ballistic with their output, this is the only way.  There are not a lot of venture capitalists out there for slow profit growth in the form of old school manufacturing....not a lot of banks handing out cash.  The capital and expertise of a large brewer may be the only way to go.  I have never had Goose Island's beer...but if InBev wants to buy my brewery, it is for sale.

Ultimately, either Goose Island is a sell out, craft beer is legitimate, or yes.  If you are worried, give it some time, if you like their beer, buy it, if not, there are plenty of local breweries vying for your business.

The State of Colorado legislature killed the full strength beer in grocery stores bill....again....this is the position supported by the Brewers Association and I believe the Colorado Brewer's Guild.  I think that it is a short sighted or mis-guided position.  There are two different kinds of liquor stores here in Colorado.  One's that sell primarily craft beer (call them boutique) and those that sell primarily mass market beer (I call them ghetto).  The liquor store closest to my house is ghetto.  They sell cheap malt liquor in quarts, single (airplane sized) serve booze bottles, and their wide selection includes Natural Light and Corona as a Premium product.  Ghetto stores have a problem with loitering and patrons often discard their empties on the way home.  The other liquor store in my neighborhood sells a wide selection of craft and imported Belgian beers and fine wines, closes early, and has no problems with customers or trash.  Which of the two would be hurt by full strength beer being sold at King Soopers?  Precisely the one I will not shop at, and wish would rather not be there.  Argonaut Liquors and Grape Expectations are not going to go out of business from the competition of grocery stores and Seven-Elevens.  Sure if you need a cheap six pack of store....if you want knowledge and know where to go.

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