Thursday, September 16, 2010

Its Beer Week!!!!

It is beer week here in Denver, and the Great American Beer Festival started today.  I have been so lax at posting lately, that even my brother took matters into his own hands.  I better get writing, huh?

Much has been going on around here, but not as much of was brewing beer.  On a good note, I am no longer planning to launch a professional brewery in 2011.  I know my wife is relieved.  I gave myself until the end of the year to find some means of employment, or I was just going to go for it.  And guess what?  The beer gods have decided to allow me to stay a home brewer for a while more.

Something else that didn't happen this year, is that I didn't receive a call to volunteer for the Rare Beer Tasting.  It bums me out as that was a fun event, but truthfully, I forgot about it, and ended up working anyway.  I guess it is sold out and supposed to be tomorrow.  Next year, I think that in addition to attending the member's only session at the GABF, I would also like to volunteer for one or two of the night shifts.  I need to look into this.

We did get around to brewing and bottling a brown ale (see our Regular Joe Beer Shootout), and that will be ready sometime between now and a couple weeks from now.  Our processes continue to be refined, and always new problems (I burnt myself really bad on the leg), but we will get it.  I also have a backlog of equipment tinkering that I need to do (and whoas me, absolutely no time to do this) before the brewery comes back to my house.

On the plus note, if I keep a job, I can start dreaming of really really good equipment.

Oh, and I harvested and dried my hops.  I don't have the scale to weigh them, but I estimate that I yielded about 2 ounces from my 2 bines of Cascade.  It was its first year, so I shouldn't be alarmed by this low yield. A mature plant can yield a pound or more.  I am looking forward to dry hopping my red or making a traditional bitter from them homegrown hops.

Anyway, more on the GABF next week.

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