Monday, August 2, 2010

They "Stole" My Idea!!!! (Well, Not Really)

I read in All About Beer Magazine that Denver Brewpub, Wynkoop Brewery, began delivering Rail Yard Ale to local accounts via draft horse and wagon.

This is an idea I had about a year ago, I don't remember who I told (or could have been while sitting at Wynkoop's or some other brewpub), but I thought it would be kind of cool and iconic for a small brewery to make local deliveries using a horse and wagon.  I figured everything else is done the old-fashioned, hand crafted way, why not slow the delivery process down as well.  Of course, I got my idea from Budweiser, but they just do it for show.

Ok, next idea.....I think I would like to get a Model T to do iconic deliveries.  Next year, some brewery will steal this idea.

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