Monday, March 15, 2010

Getting it Right

You heard me drone on, and on about buying local and seeking quality (especially in the beer world, but apply it to everything in your life, ok), but I am not the only one.  This blogger has it dead right on!  It looks as if he is a beer rep for New Holland Brewing in Michigan (Holland, Michigan that is).  This dude has my dream job (for a brewery in Michigan, to boot).

Check it out

I am sipping on my first Oktoberfest today (bottled only 8 days ago).  It is only needs more lagering, for sure (or something).  It seems a little thin (mouthfeel again), but it has a taste square in the middle that seems off or odd.  We shall see if I can get this to mellow out in the next few weeks and if I can send it to the AHA nationals.

I won't necessarily feel bad if my Oktoberfest doesn't ripen as I would hope.  What the hell, I am an Ale Brewer.

Speaking of Ales, the weather warmed up in Denver last week into the 60's.  Which gave me the opportunity to crack a beer and do some yard work.  I cracked open one of my Red Ales and set it out while I did some work and my kids played in the yard.  I don't know if it got light struck or just warmed to a nice ale temperature, but its malty base came forward in both aroma and taste, and truthfully, I liked it a whole lot better.  It has me wondering if I should enter the end of this batch into one of two upcoming competitions as an Irish Ale.  I have been entering it as an American Amber (which isn't quite right) because of a little more aggressive american hop bittering than I think should be in an Irish, (it scored 26 and 30 of 50 respectively in two comps), but I think now that if served at a more "traditional" temp and the edge of hoppiness aged out of it, maybe it is an Irish after all.  I am curious, for sure, but I hate to waste a beer (on a competition, that is) that I found a new found taste for.

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