Thursday, February 18, 2010

Born to Be a Beer Rep....

I am sitting at the Cheeky Monk in Denver, listening the beer rep from Stone Brewery in San Diego talk to the owner of the Cheeky Monk....(AWESOME Belgian beer Bar on Colfax in Denver)

I was born to be a craft brewery's representative.  Not to disparage this guy I am listening to, but my whole life has geared me to promote a craft brewery.  I have a degree in communications.  I have a degree in land planning and a decade's experience in presenting land use cases.  I have been a homebrewer for 15 years.  I have studied and known beer like no one else (that is not currently in the brewing/beer industry) that I know.  I remain undiscovered and available.

How do I get the street cred to do this job?  I actually applied for such a job advertised for Boston Beer (Sam Adams) here in Denver....go figure, I never got a call back.  I know there are thousands that would love to do the job, and many from a beer, I am unexperienced....and it is not a good time to be unexperienced.  I just need a chance.....  

I wonder if there is any small brewery upstarts that would be willing to hire me for free?  Asher Brewing in Boulder (organic brewer), Crabtree in Greeley?  Anyone?  I feel like I could sell it, if it is decent.  Unfortunately, Upslope (Boulder) is already too big and/or successful.  I need some more experience.

I figure, that I will need to start my own brewery.  I am cash poor (or just plain poor) for such the endeavor.  And everyone I know is just getting along, no source for capital.

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