Sunday, September 6, 2009

Do I Have What It Takes?

This is my second consecutive Labor Day without a regular job. It gets kind of depressing to think of it that way, or to mark the passage of time as such. I do other things, such as take care of my kids, and I brew a heck of a lot more with all of my free time. These activities are actually much more rewarding than just doesn't pay the bills and I need more to do. I did enjoy my career in commercial land development. I liked the work as it was technical, but required a fair amount of political savvy to manuver the approval process. Sadly, commercial real estate is still over-built, and my industry's recovery is a while off still.

So, when I learned last week that my local Brewery had an opening in their Tap Room, I created a beer resume and collected my Summer Beers. I added my Summer Beer series in a six pack and tucked my resume and cover letter inside. I doubt that it will sway his decision, but the Tap Room Manager seemed surprised a pleased to get free beer. I added a traditional Mild Ale, a traditional American Wheat Beer, a non-traditionally hopped Dunkelweiss (which I have been calling American Medium Wheat as it is noticably hopped with American Cascade hops and it really isn't very dark), and a couple of Light Ales made with corn (regular lawn mower beers). I think that they are all pretty good beers, but they are made for my particular tastes, so I often worry about how they will be received. I also think that my summer beers are good, but my fall line up is even better.

When reading old stories about various brewers, they often reported that they got their first job in professional brewing by showcasing their home beers. I was apprehensive to include my beers in an application. I would hate to have offended the Tap Room Manager either with beers he didn't like, or with the implication that I could buy my way in. It is not that. I just wanted to let him know how passionate I am about beer, especially since I have no professional bar experience.

At this particular tap room, I always sit at the short end of the bar next to the taps. I do this, because I love to watch people try these beers for the very first time. Their reactions are priceless both when they found a new favorite beer, or when they tasted something that didn't agree with them. I would like to help people find a beer that they love.

Actually, when it comes to working at a brewery, I could do a lot of things well. I understand brewing, I can drive a forklift, have shipping, public speaking, public relations, writing, and advertisitng experience. I have some training and education in the sciences. And most of all, I love beer, brewing, beer history, and beer marketing campaigns (oh and I love working hard, too). So is there an ugly side to this business? Probably, but I am willing to give it a shot.

So Happy Labor Day. If you have a good job, count yourself lucky. If you have found your calling and passion in a career, I envy you.

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